Support Groups

We offer numerous free support groups in a safe and confidential environment. Below is a listing of the support groups we are offering.  If we are not offer the group you are looking for, our trained staff can assist you in locating groups in the area or you can search our database to locate them. We also use your requests to determine which groups we will offer, so please do call us if there is a group you would like to attend that isn't listed here.  Please call us at (413) 545-0883 for more information or to register.

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Empowerment Based Groups 


Meditation and Mood

This group explores mood regulation through learning trauma-aware meditation skills.  We explore a different emotion each week and break it down so we can learn to recognize and work with it without "stuffing it down."  Together, we practice skills each week, so by the end of the six weeks everyone can use these tools on their own.  No meditation experience required.

Healing Based Groups (for Survivors of Sexual Violence)

TRUTH: Tell Your Story Through Art

Tell your story through art in this support group for survivors of all genders who have experienced sexual and/or relationship violence.  In the time of #MeToo and #believesurvivors, this group will offer a safer space to share your survivor story with other survivors.  Each group member will explore their experience and create art in response to prompts that will help the stories flow.  Stories and art will be shared each week with positive feedback.  This is not an art "class" and the focus is not on skill or "pretty art."  Instead, art is the medium by which the group will share their experiences.

Survivor's Writing Group

In this safe, non-judgmental group, survivors are supported to explore their personal stories through writing.  You will be encouraged to write in response to prompts provided by the facilitators.  You will be invited to share your writing with the group and receive support, and validation. Journals provided. No writing experience needed. Free and confidential. Open to all community members and the five colleges.

Drop-In Survivor's Group

This is a judgement free, safe space for survivors to drop in and share what's on their mind.  Facilitators will discuss coping skills and issues common to all survivors such as trust, boundaries and triggers. Drop-in for a cup of tea and supportive company. Free and confidential. Open to all community members and the five colleges