Student Support Services

The Dean of Students Office provides several services to the campus community. The staff are available to answer questions, advocate on behalf of students, and to connect students and their families to appropriate resources. The goal of the staff is to respond to individual student needs and concerns. 

Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to consult and/or refer a student to the Dean of Students Office when a student is navigating a difficult situation. 

If you are in an emergency situation, please contact the UMass Police Department
at (413) 545-2121

When Should I Seek Support From the Dean of Students Office?
The Dean of Students Office staff focuses on assisting students with personal or academic challenges. Please visit Student Support Request & Referral for more information.

Important Reminder - Confidentiality
The Dean of Students Office is NOT a confidential office/resource. Please visit Campus Resources to find out which campus resources are confidential.

Have a question relating to your UMass Amherst tuition bill?
Please contact the Office of the Bursar at 413-545-2368 or

Have a question about on-campus housing?
Please contact Residential Life at (413) 545-2100 or

Need to withdraw from an individual course AND it is after the mid-semester deadline?
Please contact the Academic Dean (of your primary major) for a Late Course Withdrawal Petition. These petitions must show extenuating circumstances and are not guaranteed to be approved.

Thinking about a University withdrawal/taking time away from the University? 
Please visit Withdrawing from UMass to find out more information about the various University Withdrawal processes.