Student Life

The Dean of Students Office provides several services to the campus community.  The staff are available to answer questions, advocate on behalf of students, and to connect students and their families to appropriate resources.  The goal of the staff is to respond to individual student needs and concerns.

Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to seek assistance from the Dean of Students or Student Life Team when encountering a difficult matter with a currently enrolled UMass student. To Report a Concern utilize this Online CARE Report.

When Should I Seek Support From the Student Life Team?

The Student Life Team within the Dean of Students Office focuses on assisting students with personal or academic challenges. Typical reasons students and families seek assistance from the Student Life team include, but not limited to the following:

  • Difficulty Transitioning to College Life
  • Missing Classes/Significantly Behind in Coursework
  • Injury or Illness
  • Experiencing Depression, Anxiety, Panic and/or other general mental health concerns
  • Financial Struggles/Homelessness
  • Victim of a Physical/Sexual Assault or Harassing Behavior
  • Relationship Challenges/Domestic Violence
  • Victim of Bullying
  • Alcohol or Drug Abuse
  • Eating or Exercise Disorder
  • Need to Access Multiple Campus Resources
  • Not sure where to access help

Important Reminder: Privacy vs. Confidentiality

The Dean of Students Office, including the Student Life Team, is NOT a confidential office/source.  The staff are mandated reporters for matters of Title IX and other federal mandates for abuse. The staff also work with other offices on-campus when there is a legitimate educational interest of staff from both areas.  For confidential reporting/resources please visit the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health, Center for Women and Community, University Health Services, or Student Legal Services Office