Disability Services at UMass Amherst

Our staff is committed to providing members of the University community with the finest educational opportunities and the most appropriate accommodations available for students with disabilities.   

New Students & Families: 

To learn more about to how to request accommodations, please review the process outlined for our Accommodations for Students.

To learn more about our team of Access Coordinators and what services they can provide, check out the information on our Access Coordination.

To request accommodations from Disability Services:

Step 1: Register with DS by completing our registration questionnaire and providing your documentation on Clockwork. You can learn more about our documentation guidelines

Step 2: Once reviewed, you will be contacted via UMass email to schedule a Welcome Meeting with an Access Coordinator (AC). Appointments can be scheduled online through Clockwork for in person, phone or Zoom appointments.

Step 3: Your request for accommodations will undergo our interactive review process, which takes a holistic multi-sourced approach to determining reasonable and appropriate accommodations in accordance with ADA and Section 504 laws. The review process can take around 2-3 weeks, so incoming students are strongly encouraged to initiate this process as soon as possible before beginning their first semester here.

Returning students:

If you have already been approved for accommodations by our office, we strongly encourage you to login to Clockwork and send out your accommodation letters.

If you are a registered student, new to DS, and have not meet with an Access Coordinator to discuss your accommodation request, please login to select an appointment with an Access Coordinator, so we can get your accommodations in place.

All students eligible for notes as an approved accommodation must login to Clockwork and select the classes in which notes are needed, so DS staff can provide access. Students may also begin booking exams at that time.

Students with exam accommodations can review information about how to schedule their exam through the EPC.

Students with note-taking accommodations can review information about how to set up and access notes.