Food, Financial, and Housing Security

If you are experiencing difficulty in making ends meet, you are not alone. UMass is committed to supporting students experiencing food and housing insecurity through a number of on-campus programs and off-campus partnerships. In addition, the Dean of Students Office has formed the Food Security Working Group, a multi-disciplinary team which meets regularly to discuss food insecurity, identify root causes, and implement solutions.

Financial Support Programs 

The Dean of Students office has two programs to combat the impact of unexpected financial emergencies on academic success.

  • Short Term Loans: Up to $500 for undergraduates and up to $1000 for graduate students (repayment within the established due date, typically 30 days - can be extended on case-by-base basis)
  • Microgrants: Up to $500 for unforeseen financial emergencies once per student per academic year

Student Care Supply Closet
The Dean of Students Office offers a free supply closet for personal care and household items, such as shampoo and conditioner, soap and body wash, toothpaste and toothbrushes, paper products, cleaning products, items for students with children, pads and tampons, and hair products for natural hair.

Notice Effective January 4, 2023

Due to an increased demand and limited resources, the Student Supply Closet has amended its policies.

Going forward, currently enrolled students will be eligible for one request from the Supply Closet per two months. This equates to two requests per semester.

For the month in between these full-size requests, currently enrolled students are able to receive a limited pickup consisting of necessities including:

  • 1 bar of “no preference” soap
  • 1 bottle of hand soap
  • 1 travel size hand sanitizer
  • 1 tube of travel-size toothpaste
  • 1 pack of menstrual products
  • 1 travel size pack of tissues
  • 1 roll of toilet paper
  • For students with infants, 1 pack of diapers

These changes will be reflected in the Shopping Sheet upon its reopening in January. Thank you for your cooperation in this new way of operating. 

Food Security
There are a number of on and off-campus programs designed to support student food security, which include:

Student Support Resources