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Ride the Bus and Lean About CMASS

Ride the Bus and Learn about CMASSHere's our latest CMASS campaign:

"Ride the PVTA bus 3306, 3310, 3312, and 3313  and learn about CMASS!  Share your experience with us!"

The campaign will run from February to March 2023. 


Grad Prep School Program Appointments Available

Grad School Prep ProgramTuesdays and Wednesdays
9:30 a.m. 
– 3:30 p.m.

Thinking about applying to graduate school? This is a great opportunity for you! Your Grad School Prep Program adviser can work with you on topics including brainstorming your purpose of statement and planning your grad school search process. Book appointments through Navigate. Schedule one session or several as needed throughout spring semester. 

Galentines: A Discussion of Self-Love

  A Discussion of Self-Love

Come and join us in our discussion of Self-Love, learn why self-love is important, understand the spiritual meaning of self-love (perhaps) and many more.

Everyone's welcome!

Student Speak-Out Sessions

Student Speak-Out Sessions flyer

You are invited to participate in the CMASS one-to-one or group student Speak Out Sessions for spring ’23. The topics will include, but are not limited to Uncovering the Meaning of Racial Trauma, and How Do You Overcome Anxiety, Stress, and Burnout?

Advance Registration is Required for all ZOOM Sessions – Contact Doris Clemmons, Ed.D at to register and for more information.

Congratulations, Elle Whitehead

Winning design in CMASS Stole Design CompetitionCongratulations, Elle Whitehead!
The winner of this year’s CMASS Stole Design Competition is Elle Whitehead, a senior in BDIC  with a concentration in Holistic Wellness. Her winning design included the four cultural centers (JWECC, LACC, MXCC, and YKCC)  because the stole is a “nod to how special these centers are to students.”The newly designed stole will be gifted to graduating CMASS-affiliated students on April 21, 2023.
We wish to thank other students who participated in this competition.  CMASS is grateful for sharing your artistic creations with us.

Gina Chavez

Gina ChabezWednesday, April 19, 2023, 7:30 p.m.

more info here:

Austin-based singer-songwriter Gina Chavez blends the sounds of the Americas with tension and grace. Only the second Austinite and the third Latina born in the continental U.S. to receive a Latin Grammy nomination in the history of the awards, this queer, bilingual, genre-bending musician is a force to be reckoned with.

A 12-time Austin Music Award winner — her honors include Female Vocalist of the Year in 2019, and Austin Musician of the Year in 2015 — Chavez explores the true meaning of “Americana" as she and her band take audiences on a high-energy journey through Latin America and beyond.

Graduate School Program

Gradute Prep ProgramEach One, Reach One

The Graduate School Prep Program at CMASS is committed to preparing underrepresented undergraduate students for the graduate school education of their dreams. Graduate school can be a great experience and a way to advance your career and knowledge. Yet, grad school also can be intimidating for some of us.

CMASS staff is here to support you in your planning for graduate school through our workshops, mentorship initiatives, and resources. Regardless of when or where you decide to go for graduate school, the process of graduate school application requires the support of others. Check out more from our blog: