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Spring 2023

WOCLN : Bead the Good: Unwind with the CWC 

Refill Your Cup with Smoothies and Journaling

Open To: UMass Students
Date(s): 05/18/2023
Time(s): 3:00pm-5:00pm
Location: UMass

Bead yourself a bracelet, keychain, or something else before finals to relieve stress and learn about opportunities and resources at the CWCPast Events

Career Pathways and Issues in BIPOC Mental Health and Wellness

LinkedIn and HeadshotsThursday February 9 2023,5PM - 6.30PM

Open To: All UMass students, faculty and staff

Location: Online

Click here for registration

A zoom panel moderated by Jamie Daniels, LICSW/MSW and Britt Rusert, PhD.  Featuring UMass and Afro-American Studies alumni, Featuring: Sofia Meadows-Muriel ('22); Charles Pisaturo ('22); Chayanne Chataigne ('21); Carlea Dolcine ('23). CWC is a co-sponsor for this event hosted by the Afro-American Studies Department.  Additional co-sponsors include: HFA Career Center, Department of  Psychology, The Center for Racial Justice and Youth Engaged Teaching, and Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies.

Bystander Intervention Free Skate with CWC

Study Break Session

Tuesday February 14 2023, 11AM - 1PM

Open To: All

Location: UMass

Click here for optional registration

Join CWC for an afternoon of skating & fun. Take a break from the ice to enjoy refreshments and learn more about how to be an active bystander with YIS: Your Intervention Strategies. UMass students can also learn about how they can earn a scholarship for making a difference on campus, with the CWC YIS Scholarship: My UMass Bystander Moment. Skates provided on a first come first serve basis.

WOCLN : Achieving Financial Wellness as a Woman of Color

Refill Your Cup with Smoothies and Journaling

Tuesday February 28 2023, 5:30PM

Open To: All women and non-binary students of color are encouraged to register and attend

Location: UMass

Click here for registration

Join Smart about Money (SAM) & the Women of Color Leadership Network (WOCLN) for a presentation about financial wellness for women & non-binary students of color. Learn more about credit, financing college, the racial wealth gap, and financial resources available to you.

Screen Print with CWC & The SU Craft Center

Refill Your Cup with Smoothies and Journaling

Friday February 24 2023, 1PM - 4PM

Open To: UMass

Location: UMass 

In collaboration with the SU Craft Center, participants will explore how to use and apply the YIS: Your Intervention Strategies through a variety of interactive scenarios. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to then create their own screen-printed tote bag with the YIS logo.

WOCLN : What's the Tea: Let's talk Pink Tax 

Refill Your Cup with Smoothies and Journaling

Open To: All
Date(s): 03/06/2023
Time(s): 7:00 PM- 8:00 PM
Location: UMass Amherst, New Africa House Room 311

What is the pink tax? Why does it exist? How does it impact women, women of color, nonbinary folks, transgender women, homeless women, and others the most? What can be done? These questions will be answered in a presentation done by WOCLN and the Period@UMass Amherst groups. We'll talk about pink tax, period poverty, and end with room for discussion. WOCLN will also mention a drive where students can drop off menstrual products outside WOCLN's office (127) during the rest of the week and the donations will be given to a local shelter. 

WOCLN : International Women's Day: Friend Speed Dating 

Refill Your Cup with Smoothies and Journaling

Open To: All- Women and nonbinary students of color are encouraged to attend.
Date(s): 03/08/2023
Time(s): 5:30 PM
Location: 127 New Africa House

Happy International Women's Day! What is a better way to celebrate than meet and make new friends? Join the Women of Color Leadership Network for a fun Friend Speed Dating event and meet new WOC, write a postcard for an important woman in your life and learn more about WOCLN! Bring a friend or come to meet a new one!
Light snacks and feminist postcards will be provided.

Negotiating & Implementing the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement: The Role of the Northern Ireland Women's Coalition Politic 

Refill Your Cup with Smoothies and Journaling

Open To: All
Date(s): 03/23/2023
Time(s): 4 PM - 5:30 PM
Location: UMass

As part of The Good Friday Agreement @ 25 Art of Conflict Transformation event series.Anne Carr’s keynote will look at the role of women prior to the talks process - campaigning for ceasefires, supporting victims and survivors of the conflict, and challenging sectarianism – fostering conditions for a talks process and eventual Agreement.
She will discuss the challenges to equal participation in the negotiations the NIWC faced and key contributions they made. Her expertise in peacebuilding from grassroots through international negotiation will shed light on what remains to be addressed amidst both a shared and contested future. Register here!

Paint Your Professional Self 

Paint Your Professional Self

Open To: All
Date(s): 03/29/2023
Time(s): 4 PM - 6 PM
Location: UMass

Use painting and creative collage as a mood/vision board to motivate your professional self!
Come paint, network, and eat while learning about opportunities available at CWC.
Free Food and Giveaways

Our Story: CWC's 50th Anniversary Celebration! 

Refill Your Cup with Smoothies and Journaling

Open To: All
Date(s): 04/04/2023
Time(s): 10 AM - 6 PM
Location: Old Chapel on the UMass Amherst Campus

Our Story: CWC’s 50th Anniversary Celebration is a daylong drop-in event, that will feature an interactive exhibit, guest speakers, awards highlighting the people who have been a part of our story, live performances, a silent auction, and more. Drop in anytime on April 4, 2023, 10am-6pm   (Alumni hour begins at 4:45pm)The exhibit, silent auction, and refreshments will be available from 10am -6pm.

WOCLN: Refill Your Cup with Smoothies and Journaling 

Paint Your Professional Self

Open To: All students in the five colleges and members of the Hampshire community
Date(s): 04/11/2023
Time(s): 06:30PM - 7:30PM
Location: New Africa House Room 127

As we pass the midpoint of the semester, it can be difficult to find the time to take care of yourself. Carve out some time to meet other WOC, taste some delicious smoothies, and practice some gratitude journaling! Make it a wellness evening by also joining us for our yoga session with Tiffany right before. You may attend either or both of these events. Register here!

Picture Your Professional Future 

Paint Your Professional Self

Open To: All
Date(s): 04/12/2023
Time(s): 4-6pm
Location: LOCATION CHANGE:  Campus Center room 162-175

Come get a free headshot, talk through career questions, and learn about the variety of positions available positions at CWC starting Summer and Fall 2023.
Work study, Internship and Volunteer opportunities available! Sign up here in advance for a headshot.

WOCLN: Reception for Gina Chavez 

Paint Your Professional Self

Open To: All five college students and members of the Hampshire community
Date(s): 04/19/2023
Time(s): 05:30PM - 06:30PM
Location: Fine Arts Center

Join WOCLN, Stonewall center, and CMASS to watch 2020 Latin Grammy Nominee, Gina Chavez, perform at the Fine Arts Center on April 19th at 7:30PM. A community Reception is being held from 5:30PM to 6:30PM. 

WOCLN: Roses, in the Mouth of a Lion: Reading, Conversation, and Writing Workshops 

Paint Your Professional Self

Open To: Open to students of the five colleges and all Hampshire community members
Date(s): 05/02/2023, 05/03/2023
Time(s): 12:00PM - 01:30PM [MHC] 05:30PM, 07:00PM [UMass]
Location: New Africa House Rm. 03

WOCLN, in collaboration with Stonewall, YKCC, and MHC are welcoming Bushra Rehman to discuss her novel 'Roses, in the Mouth of a Lion'. After the reading, Bushra will engage in conversation with Poet Adeeba Afshan Rana. Enjoy lively conversation and writing workshops over this two-day event. Attendants are welcome to attend one or all of the events.
Events schedule:

  • May 2nd, 12:00PM - 01:30PM Blanchard Campus Center-MHC [Contact Mount Holyoke for details].
  • May 2nd, 05:30PM New Africa House Rm. 03 - Writing Workshop [Registration encouragedlight refreshments provided.
  • May 3rd, 07:00PM New Africa House Rm. 03 Reading and Conversation.

WOCLN: Painting and Planting

Paint Your Professional Self

Open To: all students, students of color encouraged to attend 

Date(s): 05/10/2023 

Time(s): 04:00PM-06:00PM 

Location: New Africa House Room 127 
As finals are approaching we will offer students the opportunity to unwind with our painting and planting event. You will have the chance to decorate pots with paint or stickers, as well as getting to place succulent plants into the pot. Not only will you get to partake in a relaxing event, but you'll receive new plants that can represent new growth and new journeys in your life. Bring friends. Refreshments are provided. 
Register here!

WOCLN : Healing Racial and Gendered Violence Against Women: A drop-in space for Women of Color

Achieving Financial Wellness

Starting February 16th and goes on till April

Time: 5:30PM - 7PM

Open To: Women and Non-Binary individuals of color

Location: 127 New Africa House

A supportive drop in space for women and non-binary POC to discuss issues important to them, from racism and discrimination to intergenerational trauma, to colorism, and other internalized oppression, to healing and other topics that are requested by the participants. One does not need to commit to attending all sessions. You can drop in for any session you choose. Sign-in is required upon arrival.

WOCLN : Weekly drop-in Yoga sessions 

Refill Your Cup with Smoothies and Journaling

Open To: All students in the 5 colleges and Hampshire community members
Date(s): 03/07/2023, 03/21/2023, 03/28/2023, 04/11/2023, 04/25/2023
Time(s): 5:30-6:30 PM
Location: 203 New Africa House- UMass

Would you like to unwind from your busy schedule? Recharge your energy and focus on your physical and emotional health? The Women of Color leadership Network invites you to Drop-in for free weekly yoga sessions with Tiffany Joseph on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 6:30 PM at New Africa House in Room 203. BIPOC students and community members are encouraged to attend.

Find Your Center: A 6-Week Course in Self-Compassion 

Paint Your Professional Self

Open To: All
Date(s): 04/06/2023, 04/13/2023, 04/20/2023, 04/27/2023, 05/04/2023, 05/11/2023
Time(s): 6-7pm
Location: New Africa House Room 203

Registration required

What can be learned in a one hour, 6-week course that can shift your entire Self experience?  Gather tools for personal wisdom, increase ease of mind and body, and soften the tight grip of resistance and anxiety.  Within our time together, we will touch upon:1. The power of awareness as the default setting. 2. Emphasizing clarity of mind and body. 3.Taking moral inventory. 4.Working with thought and emotion. 5.Training the tongue (Self speak and to others) and learn to cool the fires of Agitation, Dissatisfaction and Disconnect.

About the Facilitator: Shali Sanders OB/GYNP, WHNP, Certified Mindfulness/Pain Management Teacher for the past 15 years. Shali’s words about this course: “These time-tested truths of re-establishing a center (new vantage point) of clarity and personal control as the waves of life keep coming are invaluable tools in any day and age.  Because we are all alive in these amazing times of both difficulty and wisdom, the gifts to stabilize are imperative for those willing to pay closer attention to their human-ness. 


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