Global health challenges caused by climate change, infectious disease outbreaks like COVID-19, and rising rates of cardiovascular and other diseases have heightened the need for highly trained epidemiologists. They’ve also increased the urgency around preparing our future workforce to confront the myriad complex public health challenges on the horizon.

UMass Amherst epidemiology students gain hands-on training with faculty whose expertise ranges from prenatal and reproductive health to breast cancer risk and biomarkers, physical activity and nutrition, infectious disease, and environmental contaminants. They learn not only how to research the cause, path, and rate of diseases but how to influence healthcare-related policy decisions.

Our epidemiology students explore a broad cross-section of public health issues, applying advanced skills in:

  • Apply epidemiological techniques to collaborative research in the areas of public health and translational medicine
  • Communicable disease epidemiology
  • Epidemiological assessment of medical technologies
  • Dietary and non-dietary nutritional assessments