Bring your passion for social justice to the frontlines of efforts to address health inequities and improve quality of life for all.

Broaden your perspective on public health issues and learn how social, economic, and political factors interact to influence social change. Explore a range of topics aimed at the community health issues of historically marginalized and vulnerable populations — and strategize alongside fellow students and faculty to address them.

As a graduate student in UMass Amherst’s community health education program, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to promote social change. Community health education at UMass has carved out a well-defined niche that distinguishes the program from that of other departments across the country. As the reputation of the faculty continues to grow, the program is rapidly becoming nationally and internationally recognized for developing advanced methods of community health promotion research and practice. The program's distinctive strengths are:

  • A focus on historically marginalized and vulnerable populations
  • A humanistic framework for health promotion
  • Community-engaged research
  • Innovative, culture-centered methodologies