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My research focuses on understanding and addressing health inequalities, and I have particular expertise regarding social determinants of health, faith-based organizations, community-based participatory research, immigrants' health care access, Latino populations, and Latin America. I use mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative) for intervention design and evaluation and have led multiple NIH-funded studies that developed and/or tested multilevel interventions to address health disparities, such as church-based efforts to reduce HIV-related stigma and promote HIV testing and prevent obesity. My experience working with faith-based organizations is broad and extends to other health conditions, including mental health, substance use, and veteran reintegration. Currently, I am testing a multicomponent church- and park-based intervention to increase physical activity among Latinos. I also have extensive experience working with partners in Latin America to address food insecurity among people with HIV and am testing an integrated urban gardens and peer nutritional counseling intervention to improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy in the Dominican Republic. I also examine immigrants' health care access and quality in the U.S., including literacy and language barriers to care and influences of the policy environment.