Wu Named Armstrong/Siadat Endowed Professor in Materials Science

Nianqiang Wu
Nianqiang Wu

Nianqiang Wu has been appointed to the Armstrong/Siadat Endowed Professorship in Materials Science in the department of chemical engineering. Wu’s work at UMass Amherst begins in January 2020, after spending five years as a professor in the department of mechanical and aerospace engineering at West Virginia University.  

Electrochemical engineering and nanostructured materials science with a focus on low-dimensional materials science, photocatalysis and photoelectrochemistry are the main area's of Wu'd reasearch. He has published over 170 journal articles, which have been cited over 18,000 times and is a fellow of both the Electrochemical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Wu received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Zhejiang University in 1997.

The Armstrong/Siadat Endowed Professorship in Materials Science was established through gifts from John and Elizabeth Armstrong, and Barry and Afsaneh Siadat. The endowed professorship is awarded to a researcher in the area of materials science in the chemical engineering department.

Materials science is an interdisciplinary field of science and engineering which deals with the study of matter and its properties. It is largely concerned with the discovery, design and engineering of new materials. This relatively new field forms the leading edge of nanoscience and nanotechnology research.