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Sasha Adkins Named 2023-24 iCons Teaching Fellow

Sasha Adkins
Sasha Adkins

The UMass Amherst iCons Program has announced that Sasha Adkins, senior lecturer in environmental health sciences, has been named the 2023-24 iCons Teaching Fellow. The award provides funding for faculty to join the iCons teaching team while receiving professional development funds. Selected faculty learn to teach student-driven courses with inclusive values while bringing their own expertise and unique experiences to the iCons Program.

Adkins brings an inimitable perspective to iCons. With a doctorate in environmental studies, specializing in the absorption of mercury to plastic marine debris, they led an environmental justice collective in the Chicago metropolitan area, responding to community requests for technical assistance. Holding a master’s degree in public health with a specialization in international health, Adkins is well-versed in merging research acumen with a passion for community engagement.

“With expertise in both public health and environmental studies, I have been actively integrating human health content into environmental science courses and promoting planetary health considerations in public health courses,” Adkins says. “In iCons, I am eager to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration for effective problem-solving.”

Faculty may be nominated for the iCons Teaching Fellowship by current iCons students, by their departmental head or chair, by colleagues or by self-nomination.

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