NEWS Om Parkash Dhanker Receives Award

Om Parkash Dhankher Receives Highest Recognition from Crop Science Society of America

Plant/agriculture biotechnologist Om Parkash Dhankher was recently named as a CSSA Fellow, the highest recognition bestowed by the Crop Science Society of America (CSSA). 

To be eligible for recognition as a fellow, one must have a minimum of seven years active membership in CSSA and must have made “outstanding contributions in an area of specialization, whether in research, teaching, extension service, or administration.”  

Members of CSSA nominate worthy colleagues based on their professional achievements and meritorious service.

Fewer than 0.3% of the Society’s membership attain this rank. 

The award was presented to Dhankher at the 2022 International Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland this November, themed “Communication and Public Engagement for Health People and a Healthy Planet.”

The meeting brought together leading and emerging scientific leaders from industry, government agencies, and academic institutions who are all working to advance agronomic, crop and soil sciences.  

Dhankher’s research was the first to develop a transgenic plant-based approach for arsenic phytoremediation. 

Students in his lab work on projects to develop arsenic free rice, and to engineer crops for enhanced tolerance to abiotic and oxidative stresses associated with climate change.  He was recently tasked with development of a report that will guide the federal government in protecting the national food supply from contaminants.