Older Volunteers Wanted for Sleep Research

Researchers led by Cynthia Jacelon, College of Nursing, are recruiting two types of couples for a sleep self-management study: 1) Pairs of older people who are both at least 70 years old. 2) Individuals with mild cognitive impairment or early Alzheimer’s Disease and their primary caregiver. Members of the pair must live in the same household.

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Each pair of participants will keep a sleep diary for five weeks. They will also answer some questionnaires about sleep and activity. Beginning in week three they will also wear an activity tracker (step counter) which will monitor the duration and quality of sleep. Each week they will meet with the research team to discuss their sleep and how it is related to the sleep of their partner in the study.

Participation in the study will last for approximately five weeks. Participants will receive up to $60 and an activity tracker.

Cynthia Jacelon is a Registered Nurse and Professor at the College of Nursing at UMass Amherst. Jacelon is working with a team of nurses, engineers and computer scientists.

For more information or to volunteer contact Cynthia Jacelon by telephone at (413) 545-9576 or email at