Libraries Announce Awards for Open Access Publications, More Funding Available

Eight UMass Amherst researchers have been awarded SOAR Fund grants from the UMass Amherst Libraries for publishing their works in open-access journals. The SOAR (Supporting Open Access Research) Fund was established by the Libraries in 2014 to support open-access publication of articles, book chapters, and books in the sciences, social sciences and humanities by faculty, staff and students when funds are not otherwise available. This fund supports the Libraries’ mission to remove barriers and increase access to information for all through $20,000 in annual grants, awarded in two rounds. 

Current awardees are:

  • Charlie Schweik, professor in Public Policy for Smajgl A and Schweik CM. “Advancing sustainability with blockchain-based incentives and institutions.” Frontiers in Blockchain, 21 October 2022. Sec. Blockchain for Good, Volume 5 - 2022 | 
  • William Pfadenhauer, Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Conservation for Pfadenhauer, W. G., Nelson, M. F., Laginhas, B. B., & Bradley, B. A. (2023). “Remember your roots: Biogeographic properties of plants' native habitats can inform invasive plant risk assessments.” Diversity and Distributions, 29, 4– 18. 
  • Jason Kamilar, professor in Anthropology for Catherine Kitrinos; Rachel B. Bell; Brenda J. Bradley; Jason M. Kamilar; Sarah M. Hird, “Hair Microbiome Diversity within and across Primate Species.” mSystems 2022-08-30, 
  • Leili Shahriyari, assistant professor in Mathematics & Statistics for Hu, Y.; Mohammad Mirzaei, N.; Shahriyari, L. “Bio-Mechanical Model of Osteosarcoma Tumor Microenvironment: A Porous Media Approach.” Cancers 2022, 14, 6143.
  • Daniel Wang, professor in Astronomy for Wang, Q.D. “X-ray Insight into High-Energy Processes in Extreme Galactic Nuclear Environment.” Universe 2022, 8, 515. 
  • Amanda Elizabeth Suzzi-Simmons, Graduate student in Environmental Conservation for Amanda Suzzi-Simmons, “Status of deforestation of Madagascar.” Global Ecology and Conservation, Volume 42, 2023, 
  • Curtis Atkisson, Post Doctoral Researcher in Public Policy & Administration for Atkisson C “Mentors matter: Association of mentors with project success in the Apache Software Foundation Incubator.” PLOS ONE (2022) 17(8),
  • Michael Long, graduate student in Environmental Conservation for “Environmental factors influencing detection efficiency of an acoustic telemetry array and consequences for data interpretation.” Animal Biotelemetry (forthcoming). 

The deadline for the second funding round is Thursday, March 30. The maximum amount of reimbursement for a manuscript accepted in the previous 12 months is $1,200. Complete eligibility, award determination criteria and applications are available from the SOAR Fund guide