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Damian DeWolf Selected as UMPD Deputy Chief of Operations

The University of Massachusetts Amherst Police Department (UMPD) has announced that Lieutenant Damian DeWolf has been selected as the deputy chief of operations for the department. Lt. DeWolf participated in a national search conducted by Spelman & Johnson. He has over 20 years of experience as a member of UMPD, including six years as lieutenant and the past two in the role of interim deputy chief of operations.

NEWS Damian DeWolf
Damian DeWolf

“He has proven to be a conscientious, hard-working and effective leader,” said Chief Tyrone Parham.

Over the span of his career, Lt. DeWolf has demonstrated his dedication to this department and to the University as a whole. He has received a number of commendations for his professionalism and service, as well as a Chancellor’s Citation Award in 2017 and a Community Service Award from the Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce in 2017. He has also presented at the International Town and Gown Association Conference on the successful and positive impacts realized through meaningful collaboration and utilization of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).