CTL and IDEAS Announce the Inaugural FlexLearning Fellows Recipients

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and the Instructional Design Engagement and Support group (IDEAS) have announced the inaugural FlexLearning Fellows (FLF) recipients. Funded through the Chancellor’s Office, FLF program provides departments with a faculty-led opportunity to identify a path to flexible learning that reflects their unique contexts including their disciplinary focus, degree programs and students; and provides the participating faculty leaders with a faculty-centered learning community in which they can further their knowledge and skills of flexible pedagogy and, in turn, serve as leaders and models in their department and the university. The following faculty will participate in this year’s fellowship opportunities:

Melissa Baker and Irem Onder Neuhofer, associate professors in hospitality and tourism management, are developing flexible learning opportunities in courses which will support undergraduates completing their required internships and which will engage industry practitioners.

Raji Balasubramanian, professor, and Carol Bigelow, research associate professor and senior lecturer, in both in biostatistics and epidemiology, are supporting their department’s goal to offer their existing master of science degree in biostatistics as a flexible learning program that could be completed fully by non-residential students.

Carey Baldwin and Susan Boyer, lecturers in the Isenberg School of Management are teaming to expand the flexible learning opportunities in the master of science in business analytics degree program with a focus on exploring pedagogy and instructional technology which will enhance courses taught in computer lab settings.

Forest Bowlick and Britt Crow-Miller, senior lecturers in the department environmental conservation and the department of geosciences, are working together to enhance their department’s hybrid and online class and degree offerings focusing on the master of science in sustainability science and the master of science in geography.

Elkie Burnside, lecturer and assistant director and Aaron Tillman, lecturer and course director, in the writing program, will focus on developing resources to expand the pedagogical approaches to teaching writing both for the introductory writing course required by students in the University Without Walls undergraduate degree programs in business administration, interdisciplinary studies, sustainable food and farming, and the upper division junior year writing course.

Gulru Cakmak and Christine Ho, associate professors in the department of the history of art and architecture will support faculty in their department to expand the flexible learning opportunities available in their large enrollment general education courses and undergraduate upper division seminars.

Meng-Chieh Chiu, lecturer, and Timothy Richards, senior lecturer, in the College of Information and Computer Science (CICS), will advance their college-level flexible learning initiative that will integrate flexible learning into a new introductory sequence and form a CICS flexible learning community.

Irene Dujovne, lecturer, and Rory Miskimen, professor in physics will support their department in expanding the flexible learning opportunities in lab-based courses including a large enrollment introductory course which also meets the General Education requirement and an upper division lab-based course in electronics.

Eric Gonzales, associate professor, and Nick Tooker, lecturer, in civil and electrical engineering will support faculty in their department in expanding their use of technology tools and flexible learning pedagogy to support their undergraduate and graduate degree programs beginning with a multiple instructor taught course CEE 310 Transportation Engineering.

Kelsey Whipple, assistant professor, and Rodrigo Zamith, associate professor in journalism will focus on the department’s Introduction to Journalism course, which their largest undergraduate offering for residential students and a requirement of the five-course University Without Walls certificate of journalism. They will also develop a 200-level general education course around social media storytelling.