College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Launches New Undergraduate Student Website

SBS Pathways website

The UMass Amherst College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) has launched a new undergraduate student website designed to increase and improve access to student services, resources and communities.

Launched on Monday, April 12, the SBS Pathways website is SBS’ new student success platform that enhances student engagement and access to the ecosystem of academic, advising and career and professional development services offered by the SBS Pathways Center. 

SBS students have always had access to a plethora of resources, information and opportunities along with the support of dedicated advising staff and peer advisors. With the introduction of this platform, undergraduates will have a new tool to explore and find information and seamlessly integrate resources and support that is most relevant to their academic, experiential and career pathways. 

This effort was made possible through a partnership between the SBS Pathways Center and uConnect, a company that builds customized virtual student services platforms for universities and colleges.

“We’re very excited to offer our current and prospective students a vibrant, student-friendly, and dynamic way to connect with the SBS Pathways Center’s many resources.” said Lynn Phillips, SBS senior associate dean for education and student development and senior lecturer of communication. “It also gives advisors in all SBS majors a powerful tool to help students access everything from professional development opportunities to the forms they need to submit requests of the academic deans.”

On the site, students can explore various academic, experiential and career pathways that align with their unique interests and goals; engage with career communities to explore various industries and job sectors, connect with alumni working in those fields and find internship and job opportunities available. Students can also choose content preferences and receive customized, dynamic newsletters and alerts that align with their interests and goals. 

The website will also offer specialized resources and highlight opportunities curated for students who identify as BIPOC, first-generation and/or from families with low incomes.

“The site is a wonderful portal to explore SBS’s ongoing work to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion,” said Phillips. “This includes our recent action steps, curriculum and teaching resources, data on the composition of the college, and resources for those who want to make a difference.” 

To check out the new site, visit