Building Access Update

A limited number of buildings will be unlocked during summer 2021. However, buildings will begin to unlock similar to past normal summers as we approach the Aug. 2 workplace return to campus date. 

Certain buildings that host research will be unlocked during weekdays, as will buildings with in-person support functions. All other buildings will remain locked. However, any UMass employee with existing UCard or key access to buildings will continue to have the same access. 

Please refer to this map and a related list of campus buildings for their status.

If you are a faculty member planning to access campus buildings to deliver remote instruction and you don’t currently have the appropriate access for the building and room, please complete the appropriate form below.

Building occupants who have questions can contact the Facilities Solutions Center 24 hours per day at 413-545-6401, or work with their building coordinator or facilities customer service representative. 

These procedures have been implemented to prevent unauthorized access and to ensure the safety of university staff and property, and will remain in place until later in the summer. Please stay updated on the latest guidance and news by visiting the campus Fall 2021 website at umass.edu/fall.