Boscardin Receives Distinguished Alumni Award from Alma Mater

The College of Education’s Mary Lynn Boscardin, special education leadership and administration, was recently honored by her alma mater, the University of Illinois (U of I) College of Education, with a 2021 Distinguished Alumni Award. The honor is presented to a select group of the college’s more than 35,000 alumni who have advanced and made outstanding contributions to the field of education; it was presented on Saturday, Oct. 9, during Illinois’s Homecoming Weekend.

“The College of Education Alumni Award event highlights our alumni who are at the top of their field,” said Assistant Dean for Advancement Lisa Denson-Rives. “It is an opportunity for us to recognize and celebrate these change agents who have truly made an impact on individuals and communities of learners.”

Boscardin earned her Ph.D. in education policy, organization and leadership with a focus on special education leadership and policy, and is widely respected for her work in this arena. She has co-written three books, including the second edition of the “Handbook of Leadership and Administration for Special Education (2019)” and numerous refereed publications. Additionally, she has received several large federal grants.

She is past president of the International Council of Exceptional Children (CEC) and past president of the International Council of Administrators for Special Education (CASE). She is editor of the CASE “Journal of Special Education Leadership” and chair of the CEC/CASE committee developing the national Administrator of Special Education Professional Leadership Standards.