Assistant Professor of Classics Shannon LaFayette Hogue Lands ‘Hesperia’ Journal Cover Story

A journal article on the Palace of Nestor, the best-preserved Mycenaean Greek palace, written by assistant
professor in the Department of Classics Shannon LaFayette Hogue, was the cover story for the newest
issue of Hesperia, the preeminent journal for Greek archaeological research. The piece appears in
journal volume 92, issue number 1.

NEWS Shannon LaFayette Hogue,
Shannon LaFayette Hogue

In the article, “The Palatial Megaron and Upper Story in the Palace of Nestor: Evidence for a New
Reconstruction,” LaFayette Hogue analyzes previously unpublished floor plaster fragments from the
Main Building of the Palace of Nestor at Pylos together with architectural and stratigraphic evidence.
Her findings confirm an earlier hypothesis that the majority of the Main Building carried an upper story
and indicate that the palatial megaron did not have an upper story or balcony.

LaFayette Hogue is a broadly trained Classical archaeologist with research interests in Bronze Age
Greece and landscape history. Her current projects include a reexamination of the Main Building of the
Palace of Nestor in southwestern Greece and the Kea Archaeological Research Survey, where she serves
as the study tour and field school manager.

Her research interests include Mycenaean palatial architecture, the impact of shifting socioeconomic
systems on regional landscape histories, and methodologies for interpreting archaeological survey data.
Hesperia is published quarterly by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Founded in 1932,
the journal publishes submissions from scholars working in the fields of Greek archaeology, art,
epigraphy, history, materials science, ethnography, and literature, from earliest prehistoric times