Anthropology’s Sarah Reedy Co-founds ‘AnthroHub’

Sarah Reedy, lecturer and director of undergraduate advising in the Department of Anthropology, has co-founded a new online home for all things Anthropology. AnthroHub, which Reedy recently launched with project partners Kelli Tamvada of Russell Sage College and Amanda Spriggs of the State University of New York at Albany, features podcasts, blogs, news articles, educational resources and a student showcase to highlight the latest developments in the discipline.

Sarah Reedy
Sarah Reedy

Reedy says the website is unique in that it will involve students in every step of the content creation and vetting process, providing opportunities to collaborate among institutions and enhance research, writing and presentation skills.

“We hope to provide fun and factual information about anthropology and its value across disciplines and to humanity in general,” Reedy says. “This website, and the projects nestled within it, is our form of outreach education, while also enabling our students to learn valuable skills and link them with others across our universities.”

Topics highlighted by the website will range from those that are trending on social media to issues that are of broad interest to local and national communities, Reedy says. Anthropologists are particularly well suited to curate information in a culturally relevant context, considering that the word “anthropology” literally means “the study of” (-logy) “humans” (anthrop-), she notes.

AnthroHub was launched with the help of a Non-Tenure System Faculty Professional Development Grant from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at UMass Amherst and the Walter Robb and Anne Gruver Robb Fellow in the Sciences endowed professorship at Russell Sage College.