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Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports

The University of Massachusetts Police Department is pleased to present the University of Massachusetts Amherst Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports for 2021 (published in 2022). 

The report provides important information about safety and security at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  All campus crime statistics required by the Clery Act are provided, including the number of persons referred for campus disciplinary action. Information about campus crime prevention and safety awareness programs is also provided.

The Annual Security Report can be viewed at:

Annual Security Report - UMass Police Department - UMass Amherst

A hard copy of this report will also be available for viewing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Police Department, 585 East Pleasant St., Amherst Massachusetts. 

A copy of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst's 2021 Annual Fire Safety Report is now available online at:

Campus Fire Safety Right To Know Report 2021 | Environmental Health & Safety | UMass Amherst

The campus crime, arrest, and referral statistics in the Annual Security Report include those reported to the UMPD, designated campus officials, and local law enforcement agencies.

Questions regarding the Annual Security Report, or to obtain a hard copy of the report, contact Lt. Brian Henault, Clery compliance coordinator, at (413) 545-8095.