Pakistan trolley art

Amherst’s ‘Pakistan Trolley’ Rides Again

The “Pakistan Trolley,” which has been unable to transport passengers since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, will make a public appearance on Friday, Sep. 24. The trolley will be parked outside Amherst Town Hall from 4 to 5 p.m. in celebration of the 75th anniversary celebration of India and Pakistan’s independence.

NEWS Pakistan trolley
The "Pakistan Trolley" 

The trolley was painted in the traditional Pakistani “truck art” style in 2018, when Phool Patti head artist Haider Ali visited Amherst, through in invitation by the Donahue Institute.

The bus, designed to look like the trolleys that traveled the streets of Amherst 100 years ago, is typically used to transport people for free between the UMass Amherst campus and downtown Amherst.

The community is invited to the independence celebration for a flag raising, proclamation reading, henna art, truck art, music, dance, speakers and celebration of both nations.