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2022 Chancellor’s Citation Awards and Gerald F. Scanlon Student Employees of the Year Announced

Ten staff members, two teams of employees and 10 student employees have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the university.

The 2022 Chancellor’s Citation Award:

The Chancellor’s Citation Award recognizes employees who have demonstrated outstanding performance in helping the university achieve its goals and objectives through original contributions to the university, attainment of high-priority university objectives, performance “beyond the call of duty” and/or achievement of significant improvements in productivity or savings in university operations.

The 2022 Chancellor’s Citation Award Recipients are:

Team recipients:

NEWS Sports Medicine

Jennifer Brodeur, Donald Dangerfield Jr., Kristen Hastings, Robert Kuzmeski, David Maclutsky, Marc Paquet, Julie Schmidt and Julia Villani

NEWS New team

Ed Blaguszewski, Mary S. Dettloff, Heather N. Duggan, Olga Kyle, Crystal Maldonado, Daegan Miller, Nancy Miller, Melinda Rose, Samm Smith, Jared Sharpe, Patricia Shillington and Nina Sossen

2022 Gerald F. Scanlon Student Employees of the Year Award Recipients

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