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Nutriceutical Formulation facility

Nutriceutical Formulation


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Equipment for isolation of bioactive food components, production of delivery systems such as emulsions and powders and several food processing operations including concentration by reverse osmosis, ultrahigh and HTST pasteurization, spray drying. Instruments are available to characterize liquid and dried delivery systems and test their biological efficacy. Space is also available for standard food production operations.

Bioactives Isolation/Concentration:

  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction
  • Preparative HPLC with Mass Spectroscopy
  • Reverse Osmosis/Ultrafiltration Unit

Delivery System Production:

  • Ultrahigh/High Temperature, Short Time Pasteurization Unit
  • Agitating Retort
  • Freeze Dryer
  • Nano-crystallization unit (CR5 PureNano Microfluidizers)
  • Pilot Plant Spray Dryer and Agglomeration System

Delivery Systems Characterization:

  • Powder Laser Diffraction Unit
  • Gas sorption surface area analysis
  • Polymer characterization HPLC
  • Colonic fermenter
  • Pilot Plant Agglomeration System

    This GEA system allows for spray drying and agglomeration to produce powders from food and bioactive delivery systems.

  • UHT/HTST Pasteurization Unit

    The Microthermics system allows for both High Temperature Short Time and UltraHigh Temperature pasteurization and aseptic filling.

  • Preparative HPLC with Mass Spectroscopy

    The Shimadzu system can be used for preparative scale isolation and identification of bioactive using standard HPLC techniques.

  • Freeze Drying System

    A small scale lyophilization system for food grade components.

  • Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer

    Conducts analysis of physical characteristics of powders.

  • Size Exclusion Chromatography

    HPLC technique to characterize biopolymers.

  • Nano Crystallization Units

    Homogenization technique that can be used to produce nanocrystals for food and pharma applications.

  • Colonic Fermenter

    A model colonic microbial model system that can be used to test the metabolic fates of nutrients and pharmaceuticals.

  • Supercritical Fluid System

    A carbon dioxide method for the clean isolation of bioactive compounds from biological materials.

  • Gas Absorption Analyzer

    Fully automated, high vacuum, manometric gas sorption analyzer capable of analyzing surface area, pore size distribution, pore volume and isothermal heats of adsorption using a variety of coolants and adsorbates for a wide variety of sample types.

  • Reverse Osmosis Pilot Plant Ultrafiltration Unit

    A technique for the removal of water and small molecular weight compounds from aqueous systems.

  • Agitating retort

    A pilot scale retort for sterilization of flexible pouches.

  Campus Users Other Academic Institutions Industry
Lab Access $400/day $600/day $700/day
Tier 1 Instruments
  • Agglomeration System
  • UHT/HTST Pasteurization Unit
  • Supercritical Fluid system
$275/day $425/day $500/day
Tier 2 Instruments
  • Microfluidizer
  • Reverse Osmosis Pilot plant
  • Agitating Retort
$175/day $275/day $300/day
Freeze Dryer $75/day $100/day $150/day
Rates are subject to change, contact facility to verify current fees.

FY19 Specialized Service Center Approved Fees