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IALS/CPHM/Core Facilities

IALS and MassAITC Host “Powering Healthy Aging” Event at Hadley Senior Center

IALS, in partnership with the Massachusetts AI and Technology Center for Connected Care in Aging & Alzheimer's Disease, shared best health practices to enable older aults to continue to live independently and explained how technologies being developed for older adults can support these best...

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Health Tech for the People Announces Spring 2024 Graduate Student Fellows

Health Tech for the People (HT4P), funded by IALS/CPHM, is a new thrust focusing on the ethics of technology and accountable, human-centered design, evaluation and translation of health monitoring technologies for the public interest.

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IALS/Core Facilities

Genomics Resource Laboratory Utilized in Broadest-Ever Study of Primate Brains to See How Gene Expression Influences Brain Evolution

A team of researchers led by biologists at UMass Amherst recently published the results of a first-of-its-kind study investigating the links between gene expression and brain evolution across 18 primate species.

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Katie Rickelton preparing to sequence primate RNA at the UMass IALS Genomics Core.


Jun Yao and Team Create Bioelectronic Mesh Capable of Growing With Cardiac Tissues for Comprehensive Heart Monitoring

A team of engineers led by UMass Amherst recently announced that they had successfully built a tissue-like bioelectronic mesh system integrated with an array of atom-thin graphene sensors that can simultaneously measure both the electrical signal and the physical movement of cells in lab-grown...

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A bioelectronic mesh, studded with graphene sensors (red), can measure the electrical signal and movement of cardiac tissue (purple and green) at the same time.

Venture Development

UMass Startups Win Top Prizes at Lever's 2024 Western Massachusetts Health Tech Challenge

Ernest Pharmaceuticals and Organicin Scientific have won the top prizes at Lever’s 2024 Western Massachusetts Health Tech Challenge

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Nele Van Dessel and Griffin O'Driscoll

IALS/Core Facilities

Ravi Ranjan Presents at Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Conference

Genomics Resource Laboratory Director Ravi Ranjan recently presented at the 2024 Advances in Genome Biology and Technology General Meeting in Orlando, Florida. The presentation, “Streamlined for speed: NEBNext UltraExpress for DNA and RNA library...

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IALS/Venture Development

NSF Accelerating Research Translation Award Brings New Resources to Campus Innovators

UMass Amherst is one of 18 universities in the country, the only one in New England, to receive a first-ever NSF Accelerating Research Translation award. The four-year award will fund translational research teams, training for postdoctoral fellows and graduate students, and a network of ART...

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Dmitry Kireev Receives NSF Grant for Sweat-Analyzing Temporary Tattoo Research

Dmitry Kireev and his team have received an award to develop a new type of sweat monitor that can be applied to the skin like a temporary tatto and assess the molecules present. These tattoos will ultimately give individuals better insight into their health and serve as a tool for researchers....

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Dmitry Kireev


Research from Chen Research Group Advances Molecular Modeling of Biomolecular Condensates

This modeling tool from M2M's Jianhan Chen and his team will help scientists take the next step towards understanding certain disease processes.

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Shanlong Li, Yumeng Zhang, and Jianhan Chen

IALS/M2M/Venture Development

3Daughters Successfully Closes Over $2 Million in First Tranche of Seed Financing Round

3Daughters, a startup supported by the IALS Venture Development Program, announced closing of the first tranche in excess of $2 million in a Seed Round. This round was led...

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Registration is Open for the 2024 Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference

This is a great opportunity for 2023 Core Summer Interns to present their research.

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MassURC 2024 Flyer

Myrias Optics, Founded by James Watkins, Secures $3 Million Seed Investment Round to Deploy New Class of Optics

Myrias Optics, built on research developed by the Watkins Group at UMass Amherst, announced that it has secured a $3 million seed investment led by Asia Optical Inc. Myrias, an emerging developer of all-inorganic printed meta-optics, will...

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James Watkins with an Optical Wafer

Core Facilities

Core Facilities User Satisfaction Survey Open Now!

IALS is inviting all Core Facilities Users to share their experience by participating in our brief survey. 

Your opinion is vital to us. Influence the present and future capabilities at the UMass Centralized Core Facilities by completing a short survey. Your input helps us improve,...

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Core Facilities Survey


IALS Announces Inaugural Graduate Student Fellows for 2024

IALS is excited to announce the inaugural one-year translational Graduate Student Fellows for 2024! 

We define translational research as work that aims to inform or to develop product candidates, technologies, and services that deliver benefits to human health and well-being.


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Krishna Live Cell Protein Labeling

CBD/Core Facilities

CBD’s Pobezinsky and Pobezinskaya Use Flow Cytometry to Determine How Tumor Cells Outwit the Body’s Immune System

The Center for Bioactive Delivery's Pobezinsky and Pobezinskaya have analyzed and described what they call the "mosquito effect," shedding light on how certain pathogens can outwit the body's immune system.

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Leonid Pobezinsky and Elena Pobezinskaya