Funding & Benefits

Incentive Funds and Subsidized Training

Core Facilities Funding Opportunities

IALS Research Centers (CBD, CPHM, M2M) have generously offered to contribute incentive funds to stimulate novel uses of the Core Facilities as well as subsidize training for student users. 

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Early Stage Translational Projects

IALS Midigrants

The IALS midigrant is designed to be a flexible seed fund mechanism up to $50,000 to enable new translational research and explore new collaborations within IALS. All active faculty members of IALS and affiliated postdoctoral researchers may apply for funds.

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Applied Seed Funds

Translational Seed Awards

UMass Amherst offers a Translational Seed Award program that provides up to $100,000 for translational research & development to move UMass research towards impact through research-based startup ventures, out-licensing of patented or copyrighted work, scaleable community engagement, social impact ventures, or other vehicles.

Significant funding for this program comes from a gift from the Manning Family Foundation, the U.S NSF Accelerating Research Translational Program, and from the IALS Seed fund program. 

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Subsidized Funding for Graduate Students

IALS Translational Graduate Student Fellowship

IALS Research Centers (CBD, CPHM, M2M) have generously offered to provide one year of funding for graduate students who have completed their 2nd year or beyond to support relevant translational research projects. 

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