Paige Pannozzo

Paige Pannozzo studies the power of yoga as kinetic social justice

Paige Pannozzo, a school psychology PhD student in the College of Education, is just as familiar with vinyasa yoga as she is with educational psychology. As a certified yoga instructor, she has helped people find their equilibrium through guided breathing techniques and purposeful movement. While these exercises have clear benefits in the studio, Pannozzo says they also have powerful effects in school settings too. “There’s a big focus on socioemotional resources for children,” she says, “but research shows that taking a break to move and breathe gives you a clearer mind, makes you more creative, and supports studying.” For Pannozzo, yoga is an entry point, a type of kinetic social justice. Broadening the scope of resources available to educators can foster more inclusive learning spaces. In turn, Pannozzo says students have more options for achieving mindfulness and a positive self-image. Learn more.