Myles Sanders

Myles Sanders instructs university’s first-ever Deaf studies course

Academic advisor and part-time lecturer for the University Without Walls' Department of Interdisciplinary Studies Myles Sanders made history this fall through his online course, Introduction to Deaf Studies. The first Deaf studies course to be taught at the university, the class addresses the history, language, culture, societal contributions, diverse experiences of, and controversies within the Deaf community, including modes of communication, educational philosophies, socioeconomic issues, technologies used, myths about, and systemic discrimination faced by Deaf and hard-of-hearing people. A Springfield, Massachusetts native and first-generation college graduate, Sanders is fluent in American Sign Language, and has close connections with the Deaf community.

“My passion for Deaf studies stems from my familial connection, as my sister is Deaf,” shared Sanders. “Students have shared that they are applying the knowledge from the course to their own lives and experiences to curate more inclusive and integrative spaces between the Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing communities.” Learn more