The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Department DEI Committees

Biomedical Engineering

  • Joyita Dutta, Committee Chair & Associate Professor
  • Cathal Kearney, Assistant Professor
  • Martin Hunter, Senior Lecturer
  • Natalia Kolk, Academic Advisor
  • Auden Balouch, Graduate Student
  • Dorcas Matuwana, Graduate Student
  • Calder Robbins, Undergraduate Student
  • Aaryan Chaudhary, Undergraduate Student
  • Julie Lindfeldt, Undergraduate Student
  • Karina Arakal, Undergraduate Student

Chemical Engineering

  • Ashish Kulkarni, Committee Chair
  • Anna Marie LaChance
  • Amity Lee
  • Isaac Ramírez Marerro, Graduate Student
  • Anna Wirasaputra, Graduate Student
  • Mahidhar Lakkavaram, Undergraduate Student

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Scott Civjan, Committee Chair
  • Jessica Boakye
  • Eleni Christofa
  • Song Gao
  • Carlton Ho
  • Emily Kumpel 
  • Mariana Lopes
  • Nicholas Tooker
  • The CEE Feedback Portal allows the community to provide feedback on the department's culture.

Electrical and Computer Engineering 

  • Wayne Burleson is the Chair of ad hoc committee of faculty members.

  • The ECE Feedback Portal allows the community to provide feedback on the department's culture.

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

  • Erin Baker (Chair)
  • Juan Jiménez
  • Stephen S. Nonnenmann
  • Gina Olson
  • Shannon Roberts

Being targeted?

If you feel that you are being targeted or have any concerns about other members of our community being targeted, please contact resources in your department, the College of Engineering DEI Office, the UMass Office of Equity and Inclusion, and/or the UMass Campus Police

Please know that we support you in taking action and are here to listen to and guide you. You have done nothing to warrant this treatment, and building a public evidence base is an actionable way to change the culture.