Geotechnical Engineering is a program area within the Civil Engineering Program at the UMass Amherst College of Engineering. Internationally recognized for excellence in teaching and research, the Geotechnical Engineering faculty is comprised of individuals with expertise in the areas of numerical modeling, earthquake engineering, soil rheology, in-situ characterization, full-scale field testing, and more. These diverse capabilities provide unique opportunities for collaborative research and a well-rounded curriculum. The program also has outstanding facilities for laboratory experimental research, field experimental research, spatial analysis, and numerical modeling, making Geotechnical Engineering an ideal environment for study and research for undergraduates and graduate students alike. 

B.S. in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Geotechnical Engineering

While undergraduate Civil Engineering majors begin their experience by taking foundational courses in mathematics, chemistry, and physics, they have the ability to explore Geotechnical Engineering by taking elective courses in this area in their junior and senior years, culminating in a senior design project, where students’ knowledge and skills are applied to a real-world problem.

M.S. in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Geotechnical Engineering

The objectives of the master's degree are to educate qualified students, through coursework and research, in the discipline of Geotechnical Engineering and prepare individuals for careers as practicing geotechnical engineers in the areas of soil mechanics, foundation engineering, and environmental geotechnics.

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Geotechnical Engineering

The doctoral program places more emphasis on research activities, preparing students to conduct impactful research and produce significant contributions to the field. Current Geotechnical Engineering research projects include a large, multi-year, international effort to assess and mitigate offshore geohazards and a study on the behavior of eroded soil, a main cause of dam and levee failure. 

Program Coordinator: Dr. Ching-Shung Chang, cchang [at] umass [dot] edu (cchang[at]umass[dot]edu)