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Teresa Ramsby has degrees from Northwestern University (BA, 1990) and Indiana University (PhD, 2001). She has taught at UMass since 2001. Her research analyzes aspects of gender and social mutability within Roman literature and society, as well as influences of social customs upon Roman poetry. In concert with her work within the Classics MAT program, she also writes on aspects of teacher training and Latin pedagogy.

Research Areas

  • Latin Poetry, especially Ovid
  • Gender and social mutability within Roman literature and society
  • Intersections of material culture and literature
  • Latin pedagogy and Latin teacher training



  • Epistolary Realities and Fictions: Essays on Roman Letters in Honor of Eleanor Winsor Leach. London: BICS Supplement, 2019; co-edited with Ann Vasaly.
  • Free at Last: The Impact of Freed Slaves on the Roman Empire. London: Bloomsbury, 2012; co-edited with Sinclair Bell.
  • Textual Permanence: Roman Elegists and the Epigraphic Tradition. London: Duckworth, Bloomsbury, 2007.

Articles & Book Chapters

  • Ovid’s Anna Perenna and the Coin of Gaius Annius,” in Uncovering Anna Perenna: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Roman Myth and History, eds. G. McIntyre and S. McCallum (London: Bloomsbury, 2018) 113-124, 198-206.
  • “Ovid as Ethnographer in the Epistulae ex Ponto,” in Epistolary Realities and Fictions, eds. T. Ramsby and A. Vasaly (London: BICS Supplement 61.2, 2019) 33-44.
  • “The New Standards for Classical Language Learning and Latin-Teacher Education,” in Special Issue for the Revised Standards of Classical Language Learning, ed. J. Gruber-Miller (Teaching Classical Languages 9.1, 2018): 118-130; online:
  • “Knowing the Facts About Teacher Training,” New England Classical Journal 41.2 (2014): 120-127.
  • “Reading Freed Slaves in Petronius’ Satyrica” in Free at Last! The Impact of Freed Slaves on the Roman Empire, eds. S. Bell and T. Ramsby (London: Bloomsbury, 2012): 66-87.
  • “Juxtaposing Dido and Camilla in the Aeneid,” Classical Outlook 88 (2010): 13-17.
  • “Differentiated Instruction in the Latin Classroom: Feasibility and Best Practices,” co-authored with Allyson Spencer-Bunch, Classical Outlook, 95.2 (2020): 45-54.
  • “Changes in Latin Pedagogy: Highlights of a Survey,” Classical Outlook, 95.1 (2020): 20-27.

Awards and Accolades

  • CAMWS Excellence in College Teaching Award, 2020
  • UMass Faculty Research Council Grant, 2019
  • UMass Distinguished Teaching Award, 2016
  • UMass HFA College Outstanding Teaching Award, 2016
  • UMass HFA Associate Professor Research Renewal Pilot Program, 2010

Courses Recently Taught

  • Classics 102: Roman Civilization
  • Classics 335: Women in Antiquity
  • Classics 355 Integrative Experience: Slaves and Freed Slaves in the Classical World
  • Latin 455: Ovid
  • Latin 607: Teaching the Latin Language
  • Classics 608: Teaching Classical Humanities
  • Latin 695B: Ovid