By studying public policy, you will gain the tools to make a positive impact in the world. You will examine what the government does, doesn't do, and could do to address public problems such as climate change, health care, education, immigration, technology, and sustainable development. You will learn how the government, nonprofits, the private sector, and individuals interface to tackle these societal issues. 

At the program's core, you will acquire the skills needed to make change. You'll learn about the values and perspectives that shape policy problems as well as the way policies are designed and implemented to address them. Leadership and management courses will prepare you to lead public agencies or to create and manage nonprofit organizations and social enterprises.

The School of Public Policy is the hub of interdisciplinary public policy research, teaching, and engagement at UMass Amherst. Award-winning faculty teach and specialize in areas including social policy, environmental sustainability, science and technology policy, nonprofit management, policing, education, LGBTQIA+ equality, public management, human rights, race, and anti-poverty policy.