Conduct basic and applied research. Train the next generation of clinicians. Direct diagnostic and rehabilitation departments for people with communication challenges.

Our PhD program provides an education in the methods of scholarship, teaching, and research. You’ll gain the skills to create and publish research findings while working closely with faculty members who will support and mentor you. You’ll have the opportunity to study in a related field as well as teach in the department.

PhD in speech, language, and hearing sciences course requirements:

  • Relevant graduate-level coursework and independent studies (in and outside the department), including specialized options in speech-language pathology, audiology, or speech, language, and hearing sciences (33-credit minimum)
  • Relevant graduate-level coursework in a minor area, which is a clearly defined field of study outside the department (15-credit minimum)
  • SPHHS 600: Great Challenges in Public Health and Health Sciences (1 credit, required)
  • Research skills (12-credit minimum, with 6 or more credits in Statistics)
  • Comprehensive examination
  • Teaching experience
  • Dissertation (18-credit maximum toward major area)