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My research focuses on the development of bilingual children with typical development and with communication disorders. Current projects focus on how Spanish/English bilingual children with and without Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) learn to use and understand code-switching (when both languages are used together in a conversation or even in the same sentence) and how code-switching relates to cognitive control and social cognition. Broadly, I am interested in the relationships among the linguistic, cognitive, social, and environmental factors that contribute to bilingual children’s ability to speak and understand both languages when they have communication disorders that impact their linguistic, social, and/or cognitive skills (e.g., Developmental Language Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome). In addition to understanding how bilingual children with communication disorders use and process their two languages, I am interested in best practices for bilingual assessment and how continued use of both languages can be most effectively supported through bilingual intervention strategies. 

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