UMass Amherst’s Exploratory Track in Public Health and Health Sciences spans a broad range of fields from communication disorders to kinesiologynutrition, and public health sciences.

Designed for any undergraduate curious about these fields, this unique program is geared toward students interested in the quantitative, scientific, and behavioral aspects of population health and wellness, or in working directly with individuals and communities to improve health and wellness.

The Exploratory Track program will help you declare a major based on your interests, eligibility, and academic proficiency within your first three semesters, so you can transition seamlessly and complete your degree on time.

The fall semester features a first-year seminar of 19 or fewer students that supports their transition to college. Besides exposure to such issues in the public health and health sciences realm as obesity, nutrition, global health, and health equity, this class will also orient students toward campus-wide resources and strategies for succeeding at UMass Amherst.