Communication Disorders

Communication has a profound effect on what we do as human beings and on our quality of life. The Department of Communication Disorders at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is committed to the study of both normal and disordered communication. It has a rich history of preparing researchers to advance the knowledge base in the field of Communication Sciences and Disorders and clinicians to work with individuals with communication disorders from linguistically and culturally diverse populations across the lifespan. 

The Department offers a wide range of academic programs including:

In the Spotlight

Audiology student Annika Zimmerman

Fourth year audiology doctoral student Annika Zimmerman ’21 is on a path unlike most of her classmates as she finishes the Doctor of Audiology program with the U.S. Army Audiology Externship Program (AEP).

UMass Amherst Associate Professor of Communication Disorders Mary Andrianopoulos

Associate Professor of Communication Disorders Mary Andrianopoulos has received a 5-year, $1.25 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education for Project iPREP, an interdisciplinary training program to prepare students to deliver speech-language interventions through applied technologies.

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