Are you a hands-on learner? Sustainably design outdoor spaces responsive to existing conditions, client needs, and budget issues. Conduct outdoor site assessment, draft and present blueprints in our design studio, select climate-assisting plants, estimate and justify costs, and install structures, incorporating principles of permaculture and sustainability throughout.

Professional landscaping careers require an investment in education, knowledge, and skills. The Stockbridge School name is well known across the industry, and our students regularly compete in national landscaping competitions. Many entrepreneurs start their own landscaping companies after completing this degree, and often seek to hire Stockbridge graduates.

Landscape contracting is an applied program in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture that includes a five-month internship experience and results in a two-year associate degree. Graduates work in firms doing landscape design, estimating costs, or managing landscape operations, and in plant nurseries and greenhouses producing plants and paving materials to fulfill landscaping projects.