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2024 AS Degree Graduates with Faculty

Stockbridge Celebrates Associate Degree Graduates at 102nd Commencement Ceremony

18 members of the Stockbridge School of Agriculture Class of 2024 each received associate of science degrees in one of five majors: Arboriculture and Community Forest Management, Landscape Contracting, Sustainable Food and Farming, Sustainable Horticulture and Turfgrass Management.

Stockbridge Students Score Victories at National Landscape Competition

Stockbridge Students Score Victories at National Landscape Competition

Who in their right mind goes to the snowy mountains of Utah when all their friends are thinking about spring break in Florida?  Success-minded Stockbridge and UMass students seeking to impress employers, that's who. Each year, top Stockbridge students in landscape contracting, arboriculture, and horticulture, as well as urban forestry, landscape architecture, and sustainable community development, are selected to join the UMass team to compete at the three-day National Collegiate Landscape Competition (NCLC), an annual event which brings together top landscape and horticulture students, and the top industry companies seeking to hire them. Our students came home with awards and scholarships!

stockbridge alumni buy farm

Alumni Buy Local Farm With Help From UMass Loan

Two recent alumni of our Sustainable Food & Farming program have purchased Kitchen Garden Farm in nearby Sunderland, Mass. with help from the Lotta Agricultural Fund administered for the benefit of UMass graduates. Max Traunstein and Lilly Israel are 2014 graduates of the Sustainable Food & Farming program at Stockbridge School of Agriculture, and both have been working at Kitchen Garden Farm for several years. Both Traunstein and Israel credit their mutual love of farming, and their confidence to take on such a big project, to experiences in their college years at Stockbridge, and on the UMass Student Farm.

Turf Bowl group with check

Alumni Support Sends Students to Turf Bowl and SFMA Competitions

This winter, Stockbridge sent 11 students to two national competitions sponsored by professional organizations in the turfgrass industry. There, they had the chance to network with alumni, many of whom are now employers seeking Stockbridge talent. Students also got to competitively demonstrate the knowledge they developed at Stockbridge. The Alumni Turf Group, industry sponsor Vermont Greenscapes Association, and several individual Stockbridge alumni, provided substantial donations to enable 11 current students to attend two national events and compete against other college teams.

Stockbridge alum Nick Pappas

Meet the MVP of Superbowl LVIII: Stockbridge Alum Nick Pappas

Pappas, who earned two degrees from Stockbridge (turfgrass management ’10AS; plant & soil sciences ’12), is the newest field director for the National Football League (NFL). Pappas was the MVP for both teams in the 31 days leading up to kickoff, in charge of building and delivering the one-time-use special turfgrass field that made the whole event possible. Pappas and his team took over Allegiant Stadium two days after the Raiders’ final home game on January 7.  The job started with ripping up the original turf on which the Raiders played. Pappas posted photos over the next 31 days, detailing how his turf for Superbowl LVIII was prepared.

Dr. Peter Venemen

Dr. Peter Veneman (1947-2023): Professor, Mentor, Friend

Petrus (Peter) Veneman has passed. In his 34 years of teaching at UMass, and as chair of the Department of Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences, his research, teaching, mentorship, and funding advocacy contributed greatly to the Stockbridge School of Agriculture as it stands today. His research, tracking the effects of pollutants in soil and wetlands, helped to illuminate the role soil scientists can play in protecting the natural environment. Today, students of Veneman have careers as environmental professionals across Massachusetts and New England and hold leadership positions in the United Nations' World Health Organization (WHO), and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Stockbridge Presents Latest Research

Stockbridge Presents Latest Research at Agronomy, Crops and Soil Conference

Stockbridge sent a large contingent of faculty and students to St. Louis, Missouri to present their latest research at the conjoined annual international conference of three allied professional organizations. The American Society for Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America, jointly host this premier gathering of ideas, solutions, and innovation from across the field of environmental sciences.

Students presenting their research at a conference like this learn important skills including how to organize data, how to respond to professional critiques of their work, and how to communicate science to a non-science public.

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