The BA degree in astronomy at UMass Amherst is ideal for students interested in turning their passion for space and the cosmos into an astronomy-related career in science education, science writing, work at museums and planetariums, and more. 

You’ll build a foundation learning about the stars and galaxies, and you’ll develop your knowledge in physics and mathematics. You’ll select electives that suit your personal interests and career goals, such as writing in astronomy, astronomy in a global context, and astronomy and public policy. You can also choose from courses in related departments, such as geology, chemistry, or molecular biology. 

UMass is a member of the Five College Astronomy Department (FCAD) alongside Amherst College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, and Hampshire College, so you can also choose courses from these institutions.  

The BA in astronomy incorporates elements of all the sciences, providing an excellent basis for teaching, communications, management, computing, instrumentation, and more. The skills of scientific deduction you’ll develop are also excellent preparation for medical or law school.