The PhD program in statistics combines theory and application, preparing you for a career as a university professor and researcher or a research statistician in industry, government, and/or the nonprofit sector.

You’ll undertake coursework in areas such as mathematical statistics, modern data analysis, and statistical computing, among other topics. To further hone your studies, you’ll get to choose from electives in areas such as biostatistics, computer science, social science, psychology, and political science. You'll also have the opportunity to conduct research with our renowned faculty in a range of areas from theoretical to methodological to applied.

In addition, you may choose to gain experience by providing statistical consulting services to, and collaborating with, researchers at UMass, the Five Colleges, and elsewhere through the Statistical Consultation and Collaboration Services (SCCS). The SCCS offers help with all phases of statistical analysis, including study design and analysis plans, data analysis, interpretation of results, and preparation of grants and publications.