The MS in applied mathematics at UMass Amherst is a two-year professional degree program designed to prepare you for a career in contemporary industry or business.

Here, you’ll undertake two-semester courses in analytical methods, numerical methods, and probability/statistics to build a thorough background in advanced applied mathematics. You can also choose electives in areas such as computer science, engineering, physics, and management science to learn about the practical mathematical tools used by scientists and engineers.

The most novel component of this program is the group project. You’ll gain valuable skills, such as complex problem solving, how to make a professional presentation of your work, and how to collaborate effectively with colleagues. Recent projects include exploring hurricane intensity modeling, modeling ethnosocial conflicts, and simulating wildfire propagation using cellular automata.

Many graduates go on to find jobs in high-technology firms and in software development at places such as DEC, GTE, Hewlett-Packard, MIT Lincoln Labs, and Pfizer.