The PhD in social psychology program at UMass Amherst will prepare you to be a leader and scholar with a focus on the interface between the individual and the social environment.

You may choose to pursue studies in the cognitive and affective processes underlying social behavior. In this general program, you’ll acquire the conceptual and methodological tools required for cutting-edge research as well as to teach social psychology at the university level.

Alternatively, you might choose to concentrate your studies in the Psychology of Peace and Violence Program. You’ll focus your research on the origins of violence between individuals, groups, and nations, and learn ways of promoting cooperation and peaceful human relations. You’ll also gain experience working in applied settings through an internship.

Our department is home to many laboratories working on developmental science and its related areas, including the Implicit Social Cognition Lab, Affect and Social Cognition Lab, War and Peace Lab, Human Relations Lab, Family Relationships, Affective Science & Minority Health (FAM) Lab, Social Processes and Health Lab, and Intergroup Relations and Social Justice Lab.