The PhD in developmental science program at UMass Amherst will give you a solid background in cognitive and social-emotional development.

Your multidisciplinary research and training experience will cover interactive topics in the field, including biological, neural, perceptual, cognitive, affective/emotional, and contextual influences on development. You can also undertake advanced training in statistics and methodologies. 

The goal is for you to understand development from a “whole person” perspective, integrating research across multiple domains and examining the influence of their interactions. You’ll focus on integrative and translational research using a diverse range of methodologies, including behavioral, clinical, neuroscience, and applied techniques. 

We have a collaborative relationship with the neuroscience and behavior program, the Center for Research on Families, and the Rudd Adoption Research Program, as well as with the UMass Center at Springfield.  We also lead the broader, cross-department and college Developmental Science Initiative.