Developmental Science

faculty gather in front of Connectucut River

Our working thesis is that cutting-edge research in developmental science needs to be grounded in a profound understanding of both “what” develops and “how” development occurs. We aim to understand development from a “whole child” perspective—integrating research across multiple domains (e.g., biological, perceptual, cognitive, affective/emotional, and contextual) and examining the influence of their interactions across development. 

Our multidisciplinary Developmental Science program focuses on integrative and translational research that uses a diverse range of methodologies, including: behavioral, clinical, neuroscience, and applied techniques. We have collaborative relationships with the Neuroscience and Behavior Program, the Center for Research on Families, the Rudd Adoption Research Program, and have recently expanded our Healthy Development Initiative in Springfield, MA. Our program also leads the broader, cross-department and college Developmental Science Initiative (DSI). 

Opt-In to Future Research


Laboratories of Core Faculty within the Developmental Science area include:

All of these labs include graduate students in Developmental Science, and some also include graduate students in the Neuroscience and Behavior Program.