Develop a knack for growing plants with courses in ecology, entomology, and environmental science, plus specialized courses in plant pathology, pest management, permaculture, and plant nutrition and physiology.

Learn by doing, in our climate-controlled and LEED-certified greenhouse, hydroponic greenhouse, and outdoor permaculture garden. Cultivate and install plants, test soil health, diagnose and treat plant diseases, sustainably control pests, attract pollinators, and design a greenhouse.

With a range of electives focused on greenhouse horticulture, organic gardening, and soil science, this flexible major prepares students for a wide range of careers in plant nurseries, garden centers, landscaping and other green businesses. Graduates also work at college campuses, botanical gardens, state and federal parks, historical sites, theme parks, and zoos.

As an undergraduate student at UMass Amherst, you can work toward an associate of science degree (two years) or a bachelor of science degree (four years) through the Stockbridge School of Agriculture. Our internship program puts field experience on your resume, and gives you a relationship with an employer, all before you graduate.