The program in Judaic Studies at UMass offers a range of exciting opportunities to explore the remarkable history and cultures of the Jewish people that span more than three millennia. Students are invited to enroll in a full range of courses in Hebrew language, Yiddish, Jewish history, Israel studies, philosophy, law, politics, and film.

Two robust programs, one in Judaic Studies and the other in Middle Eastern Studies, function side by side, both independently and harmoniously, in an atmosphere of shared resources, intellectual traditions, and research methodologies.

With its broad emphasis on language, culture, and history and its focus on writing, analysis, and research, Judaic and Near Eastern Studies is an excellent liberal arts degree for students seeking careers in academia, education, community work, and the arts. A degree in either Judaic Studies or Middle Eastern Studies also fosters the kinds of skills necessary in any profession involving historical and cultural understanding, critical analysis, effective argumentation, thorough research, and effective writing.

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