Why Architecture?

In the Department of Architecture at UMass Amherst, you'll gain the tools you need to understand the profound impact of the built environment on individuals and on the natural world. You'll also receive an accessible and intellectually rigorous design education that embraces spirited, socially progressive, and environmentally responsive practice.

The problems architects solve are complex and interdisciplinary, and here at UMass Amherst, you'll find professors who teach the kinds of creative processes you'll need to do this essential work. 

Public architecture program in New England
Of undergraduates identify as BIPOC
Undergraduate and graduate students
State-of-the-art Design Building

Inspiring, Sustainable Architecture

In the 87,500 square foot Olver Design Building, the ArchitectureLandscape Architecture & Regional Planning, and Building & Construction Technology programs come together in one facility, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, research, and learning.

The goal of the project was to create an innovative and inspired building that visibly demonstrates environmentally sensitive design. The building's unique cross-laminated timber structural system reduces its carbon footprint, embodying the university’s commitment to sustainability.