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We’re thrilled that you are exploring our department’s offerings. This page will streamline your search for information relevant to specific interests or questions. Students who are interested in the conservation of natural resources will find a variety of undergraduate majors, academic tracks, and available minors.

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For prospective undergraduate students:

General information on our three undergraduate majors:


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Building and Construction Technology

This major provides students with a technical and scientific understanding that promotes the development of sustainable human habitat. Students explore the properties and performance of building materials, wood products and building systems used in construction. The major provides thoughtful preparation for careers in the Construction, Building Materials, Green Building, and Wood-Products Industry.


Natural pool of steaming water.

Environmental Science

This major provides an understanding of the biological and physical sciences and their application to environmental problems. Our majors follow a rigorous interdisciplinary approach that prepares them to respond to urgent environmental challenges. Students learn the basic theories and techniques needed to monitor environmental quality.


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Natural Resources Conservation

The Natural Resources Conservation major offers six distinct concentrations; Environmental Conservation, Fisheries Ecology & Conservation, Forest Ecology & Conservation, Urban Forestry & Arboriculture, Water Resources, and Wildlife Ecology & Conservation.

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The admissions page provides guidance on how to apply either as a freshman or as a transfer student.

For prospective graduate students

You can learn more about our M.S. or Ph.D. program on the Graduate Program page.

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