Professor Sally Campbell Pirie, children, families, and schools, wrote and illustrated a chapter in a new edited collection titled Arts-Based Research Across Visual Media in Education: Expanding Visual Epistemology- Volume 2 (Routledge, 2024).

Pirie's chapter, "Kapow! Comics-Based Methods as Necessary Whimsy in Educational Research", is a comics-based how-to and discussion of comics-based research (CBR) methods in educational research.

"Comics have historically been defined by the presence of words and images together as contiguous text. It's not an illustrated text--it is a collective voice made of words and images," writes Pirie.

Sally Campbell Pirie graphic

Volume 2 of this series focuses on "visual output" and "image-based research and methods" specifically. The book provides interdisciplinary perspectives on arts-based inquiry, including:

  • comics in qualitative research
  • visual journaling
  • multimodal field notes and discourse
  • creative visual outputs.



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